DIY – Popsicle Memory Game

Hello everyone,

When will it finally be summer? Do you miss summer as much as I do? It is my favourite season, because you can do many things outside, e.g. go swimming.
And what else is part of summer-time? Ice cream, of course.

To get some first summer feelings, we will make a Popsicle Memory Game today.
You remember the game “Memory”, don’t you?  Lay all of the cards (popsicles) out in rows and columns. Then each person takes their turn flipping over the cards (popsicles). When they get a match, they keep going. If they don’t get a match, it’s on the next person. The player with the most matching pairs is the winner of the game.

Do you also want ice cream as much I do?

Then, join me and also do your own Popsicle Memory Game. Here are the materials you need:

  • 10 differing patterns of scrapbook paper
  • Paper bag
  • Cardboard
  • Popsicles sticks
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil

Let’s start!

  • First you need a stencil, because the ice should always be the same size, otherwise it would be much too easy. 😉 Therefore, you draw an ice shape of about 8 cm with a pencil on a cardboard and cut it out.
  • Let’s start with front of the popsicles:
    Take a piece of your coloured scrapbook paper and fold it in half. Then trace the stencil on the paper and cut it out. Because the paper was folded, when you cut out the stencil, you will end up having two matching fronts (a pair). Repeat it with the other colours so that you eventually have 10 pairs.
  • For the backside of our popsicles you have to take the paper bag, as in a traditional memory game, all the backs look the same. And again, trace the stencil on the paper and cut them out. Here you will need 20 backsides.

It’s quite a lot of work to cut out all the forms, but in the end, it will be wonderful and really look like summer.

Do you have all front- and backsides for your popsicles? Then go on!

  • Lay a popsicle stick on the backside of the popsicle and glue the front and back sides together to create a sandwich effect.
  • Repeat this step until you have your 10 pairs done.

There you go, your self-made Popsicle Memory Game is done and it is so colourful.

Now I feel even more like having an ice cream, but I also want to play with my new game. I should go asking my parents if they want to play with me. I am sure they have never seen such a beautiful game before. 😛

You can also check the Theo Klein website, there is also a great memory game with Klein toys:

Sunny greetings,

Your Mummelmouse