DIY Toy Idea: Cup & Ball Game

​Hello my Mummelmouse fans,

Today we could do again some DIY work at home, what do you think?

Do you know the cup & ball game? I would like to have one and really want to make one myself.  I hope I can do so and that I am able to catch the “ball” with my self-made cup.

Do you want to make one with me and practice?

​All you need is:

  • DIN A4 handicraft paper, coloured or white (you can also paint it individually)
  • Scissors + Glue
  • Yarn /String (approximately 30-40 cm)
  • Wooden bead with a little hole (2 cm diameter)


Let’s start!

  • Fold the paper in the middle to get the form of a triangle and then cut off the edge.
  • Place the triangle so that the tip is facing up. Then turn the lower right corner to the middle of the left side.
  • Same procedure on the other side: Turn the lower left corner to the middle of the right side.
  • Fold the top small triangles down on each side and stick them with the glue.

This looks almost perfect, but we still cannot play with it.

So we’ll go on!

  • Make a small hole in the bottom of the cup so that you put the yarn through and tie it with two knots on the inside of the cup.
  • Fasten the wooden bead on the other side of the yarn.

There you go, our cup & ball game is ready!

“Wow”, that was really easy and we’ve done it quickly. All I have to do now is catching the bead with my cup.

“That did not work!“  I might need several tries.

It is not that easy but eventually with fourth try, I finally caught the bead. 🙂

How many tries do you need?

Best wishes,

Your Mummelmouse