Doing handicrafts with toilet paper rolls

Hello my dear friends,

You are surely as sad as I am that you cannot go outside and meet your friends.
Hmmmm… What could we just do all day long?

Today I need your help. We are soon celebrating Easter and that means it is time to do some handicraft. Therefore, let’s do some great things together. 🙂

All you need is:

  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Coloured paper (e.g. orange, grey and brown)
  • Cotton wool
  • Scissors and glue
  • Watercolour and brush
  • Black pen

Come on, let’s go!

  • Paint one of the toilet paper rolls with yellow, another one with rose and a third one with brown watercolour.

  • For the little chick, you cut out the beak and some “tousled” hair from the orange paper and stick it on one end of the toilet paper roll.
    Don’t forget to paint the eyes with the black pen.
  • You can also use the orange paper for the feet and some short legs. Just paint them on the paper and cut them out.
  • Fold the cut outs, put on some glue and stick them from the inside of the roll.

Did that work for everyone? – Then we can go on!


  • For you lamb, you take the rose toilet paper roll and paint a cute face on the upper part of the roll. Afterwards you have to put glue everywhere on the roll (apart from the face) and cover it with the cotton wool.
  • Last but not least you cut out some ears and feet from the grey paper and stick it on the upper and lower end of the roll.

  • For the rabbit, you take the brown toilet paper roll. Paint again a cute face with your pen on the roll. Then you cut out the ears and some little paws from the brown paper and stick them as usual.


I am sure yours looks sooooo much better than mine.  But hey, we are done! We have finished our Easter trio. 🙂

Do you know what? You can also hide some sweets in there, but pssst don’t tell anyone.

I hope you liked this little project and you had as much fun as I had.

See you soon and take good care of yourself.

Your Mummelmouse