„One, Two, Three“

Happy New Year my dear fans!

Did you start well and did you have a nice party?

Today it’s all about “Numbers and Calculating”, a topic which is especially interesting for preschool children. It is important to awaken interest in learning numbers in a playful way and to integrate some calculating into our everyday life.

Ideally, it should be done without exerting any pressure, as otherwise the joy in the newly awakened interest can quickly pass. Anyway, fun should always be in the foreground.

Maybe you soon will say: “Yay, maths is my favourite subject.”

Numbers can be easily integrated into everyday life. Isn’t it often that you hear the question “How old are you?” and there you go, you already start counting with your fingers. Your parents quite often ask you questions like: “How many apples do we have left?” to encourage you to count. Even if the numbers are somehow abstract at first, a real value is connected to them bit by bit. You find numbers everywhere in your everyday life and it can be so exciting to discover them.

Games are good for learning numbers, not only by speaking but also by seeing and writing them. I have three puzzles for you that are divided into simple, medium and difficult:

  1. SIMPLE – Stencil for tracing: To get used to the numbers, you can practice writing them by using our stencil.
  2. MEDIUM – Count the articles: In this case you have to count the different articles and write the correct number in the boxes with the respective article. Attention! The articles shown under the box are not counted.
  3. DIFFICULT – Sudoku: In a Sudoku puzzle the empty fields have to be filled with numbers from 1-4. Each number may occur only once per column and once per line. (Download)


In the following I have put together the solutions for the 2nd and 3rd puzzle:

Solution 2 Download
Solution 3 Download

If you feel like making some more puzzles, you can find further sudoku with different difficulty levels here:


You can also learn the handling of numbers with some pedagogically high-quality toys, e.g. with our multifunctional supermarket cash register!

You can get a feeling for the numbers and learn to calculate easily with the real calculator function and the digital display. This is reinforced by a role-playing game in which goods are exchanged for play money. The coins and notes are a replica of real money and are a good preparation for real life.

Have a look at our online shop!

Now get to the numbers! I will also keep on practicing until next month and I look forward to seeing you.

Your Mummelmouse