Spring-cleaning with children

Phew, today the sun really tickles my nose. Finally spring is coming and soon the first flowers will start blooming. But oh dear, a lot of dust and dirt has accumulated in my little mouse cave and it is now even better visible with the bright sunlight.

My dear friends, I would say it’s time for the yearly spring-cleaning. I also have some super tips how you could support your parents and have fun at the same time.
Turn the music on! Which song is your ultimate song for motivation?

Let’s start with your own room.
In my little playing cave, I usually put all the toys in individual boxes and put back the books to the shelf. Even the cuddly toys will also get their own place in the shelf.
Phew, this was really necessary to do.
For even more freshness, I will air the beds and bring my pillow and blanket outside. Meanwhile dad can hoover my room quickly.
Aww, it looks great and it is again a place to feel comfortable.
Now I will help my parents to get the other rooms ready for spring. My mum has given me the task to clear the cupboards and the lower shelves in the living room.
No problem! In order not to get too confused, I clear one shelf, clean it with a damp cloth and put everything back and continue with the next one. If we work altogether, it goes really fast.
But be careful please! The cleaning agents are not for children and should therefore only be used by mum or dad. It’s best to ask your parents if they can fill in something to your cleaning bucket. This water must not be drunk under any circumstances.
Obviously I also have the perfect recommendation for your personal cleaning equipment so that you don’t have to use your parent’s big household appliances.
For the rough dust you can use the big broom and then sweep everything together with the hand brush. Last but not least you scrub the persistent dirt away by using the wipe mop and of course a bucket full of water.

Phew, all done!
I am now really exhausted. How about you? Are you as ravenously hungry as I am? What do you think about a home-made pizza? If everyone in the family is helping just a little bit, it’s all done quickly and you can all enjoy and relax the rest of the day.

I will then go for a little walk and look forward to my freshly cleaned home.

See you next time,

Your Mummelmouse