DIY Flowerpot

Hello my friends,

Do you also like being in the garden as much as I do? The warm rays of sunshine, the smell of different flowers and the buzz of bees… being outside is so wonderful.

Today I would like to pimp our garden with some “upcycling” flowerpots.  
“Upcycling” means that we design new items from old objects and/or waste. Do you also want to try it? The flowerpots are not only for outside, but can also be used on the balcony or indoors.

Flowerpots made of empty cans

You will need:

  • Empty cans
  • Acrylic paint
  • Brush
  • Cord (or something similar)
  • Potting soil

First, you have to wash up the cans properly. Be careful not to cut yourself, as the edge is very sharp. You also have to remove the label from the can. If you leave the can for a little while in your dishwater, the label can be peeled easily.

Once the can is dry, you can start colouring it with the acrylic paint. You can mix different colours or paint forms/figures, just as you like. Be creative!

Last but not least, you put the cord or any other ribbon around the can.

“Super, that looks really great! “

Flowerpot with Tetra Pack

Not only cans can be used for upcycling, but even with empty milk or juice packaging you can make nice flowerpots.

Therefore, you need the following:

  • An empty Tetra Pack
  • A knife
  • Brush and colours
  • Potting soil
  • Plants and/or seeds

That is all, so we can start right now.

At first, you need a sharp knife so that you can cut off the upper part of the tetra pack. You should ask your parents for some help.

Before you start colouring your carton, you can peel off the upper printed layer of the cardboard. However, this is up to you: You can also paint directly on the printed layer.  

Now take your desired colours and paint the carton.

I have also painted two flowerpots! Do you already recognise what I am doing?

Before I start planting, I put some small stones on the bottom of the flowerpot. You can also take shards of old flowerpots, but be careful and don’t cut yourself.

The stones are for a better supply of water without drowning them.

Therefore, first, you fill in the stones, then the potting soil and eventually you can plant your flowers, seeds or herbs into your self-made flowerpot.

“Buzzzz Buzzz!” The first bee is coming and happy about the fresh plants.

If you want to help and support your parents in the garden, Theo Klein also has some great Bosch garden items for you and me.

Damit könnt ihr Löcher graben, Samen züchten und die Pflanzen gießen. Auch einen Lupenbecher haben wir für fleißige Entdecker.

There is everything you need to dig holes, grow seeds and water plants. The Magnifying Glass Box is something special for little explorers like you and me.

I will now enjoy the fresh air and within the next weeks, I am going to watch my plants growing day by day. 🙂

See you soon,

Your Mummelmouse