Birdseed hangers for the winter season

Hello my dear fans, it’s me again – the Mummelmouse.

„Brrr“ only the thought about winter and the frost approaching makes my little nose feeling cold.
To wrap myself completely up would now be great, but luckily mice like me do not hibernate and so I can be there for you, all year round.

However, many of my animal friends have one major problem during winter: They do not find enough food. For birds for example, it is difficult to find worms, insects or any berries when it is cold and the ground is frozen.

That’s why I have two manuals for you to do individual birdseed hangers.

„Feed in a flowerpot“

You need the following items:

  • 150g coconut butter
  • 300g loose birdseeds
  • a small flowerpot with a hole on the bottom
  • a small, but strong tree branch
  • 1m cord
  • a piece of cardboard
  • acrylic paint

Paint the little flowerpot the way you like it by using the colours you l love. Then let it dry properly.

Meanwhile you take the cord and put it around the middle of your branch – this is going to prevent that the branch slips out of the flowerpot. Let the end of the cord a bit longer, as this will be the hanger loop.

Take the cardboard and cut out a circle that has the same size like your flowerpot:
Therefore just put the flowerpot on the cardboard, draw a line around it and then you can cut it out. Don’t forget the little hole.

Stick the tree branch through the little hole in your cardboard as far as you reach the cord. Then you also stick the cord through the hole.

In the next step, you thread the branch, together with the cord, through the hole in your flowerpot.

Uiuiui, this is quite tricky but the picture below surely helps you to understand.

It should look like the following:

Now we come to a step for which it is better to ask your parents for some help, as you are going to melt the coconut butter. You might use the oven, so be careful: Ask your parents and don’t get your fingers burnt!

Add the birdseeds to the coconut butter and stir them in. Let the mass cool down a little, but don’t let it get hard.

As a last step, you fill the mass of birdseeds and coconut butter into your flowerpot and wait until it is completely cooled down.

Ready – and it looks sooo great.

„Feed hangers“

You need the following items:

  • 250g coconut butter
  • 300g loose birdseeds
  • biscuit cutters
  • toothpick
  • tin foil
  • thread for the hanger loop

As previously done for the “feed in a flowerpot”, melt the coconut butter and add the seeds. Mix the mass properly and let it cool down just a little.

Meanwhile you prepare your biscuit cutters by adding tin foil so that one side is closed and it is like a bottom.

Now you fill the soft mass of seeds and melted coconut butter into your prepared biscuit cutter.

Before the mass cools down completely, insert a toothpick at the place where you want to have the thread for the hanger.

Once the mass is hard, you can remove the biscuit cutter, the tin foil and the toothpick carefully. Attach the thread accordingly and your “feed hangers” are ready.

Find a nice place in your garden for those delicacies and then you can watch the native birds and their performance.

I make myself mouse-like comfortable on the sofa and watch the birds that are happy about my self-made hangers.

If you now feel like you also want to make it cosy for the birds, you can also build a bird box where you can attach your hangers. With our Bosch mini items, little workers can perfectly practice their handcraft skills.

For today, I am saying goodbye and I am already looking forward to the next idea with you.

Your Mummelmouse