Learn to ride a bike with Mummelmouse

Mummelmouse is sending greetings and is taking the chance to enjoy the sunny late summer day while cycling around. “Always be careful, dear Mummelmouse!”
You do not know how to ride a bike yet?

Ha, that would be ridiculous…

Today we are going to give you some helpful tips so that cycling is going to be a child’s play.

sing a balance bike or a scooter is a good preparation to train the motor skills. It also helps children keeping their balance and participating in the traffic. Whereas this also improves the own body awareness and strengthen the self-confidence.

Apart from all this, it is so much fun just to race away from the parents…
However, one day this is no longer satisfying and the little ones want to cycle like mum and dad – with the biiiiig bike.

First of all, you need to find the perfect bike and as an absolute must-have, a helmet for your safety. To avoid any abrasions you can also use knee- and elbow pads.

For the first real cycling attempts, you should avoid busy roads and paths with many bumps. Best places for practicing can be, for children living in the countryside, small paths in the field or supermarket car parks that are often empty on Sundays, for those living in the city.

If the children need or desire any support you may help with the first cycling attempts. Try to respond to your children’s need but do not push them too hard as otherwise they might lose interest in cycling. Falling down is also part of the game but it is not too bad thanks to the perfect equipment. Eventually we can only say; never stop practicing.

Children usually know best about their own confidence and their frustration limit.
“Well done!“, Mummelmouse is really enthusiastic about the first attempts.

As the traffic regulations are very important and as your children should know the most important rules right from the beginning, we recommend using the Theo Klein traffic signs for practice.
There are two different sets, each containing five important signs, which can help to prepare your children for the “real” traffic.
For those that are looking for even more challenges, the traffic lights complement the exercising set perfectly.

Mummelmouse wishes you a lot of success and fun when practicing and says goodbye until next time when it is time again for “Klein” ideas for Young and Old.