Aqua Action Coral Reef Sand Bucket (2 litres) with accessories

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  • The bucket that can be used to bring water toys to the beach, build sandcastles and tall towers
  • With a sieve, shovel, rake and small forms you can build and decorate the most amazing sand castles
  • The high-quality bucket holds 2 litres of water or sand
  • Experimenting with sand and water, redesigning sandpit landscapes and building castles or dams trains children’s motor skills, imagination and creativity
  • Made in Germany I Dimensions: 21 cm x 20.5 cm x 33 cm I Suitable for children over one year old

The bucket for everyone who loves the sea and the beach! Big and small fish are romping about on it, and even a turtle. In the bucket are a fish, a starfish, a shell and a funny crab – they are sand moulds just waiting to be brought to the beach by children. If that’s not close, then they can also look forward to a trip to the sandpit. After all, two liters of water or sand fit in their bucket. Enough to build or decorate sand castles together with the sieve, rake and practical flour shovel. The entire set is made of high quality plastic and will gladly join in any adventure. A pleasure for children, during which they train their imagination, creativity and motor skills.

Aqua Action Coral Reef sand bucket set, 2 litres.
The sandbox and beach set consists of a two-litre sand bucket in a pretty coral reef design, a sieve, a flour shovel, a rake, and four sand moulds.

– Made in Germany
– Dimensions: 21 cm x 20.5 cm x 33 cm
– Suitable for children one year old and up

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