Bosch Breakfast Set 2021

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Just like the grown-ups prepare a delicious Sunday breakfast or brunch ‘ little foodies can now do so in their own children’s rooms. Because the kitchen set contains the accessories for the perfect breakfast: While the eager cooks run the water through the fancy Bosch coffee maker, they can sink the toy toast slices into the toaster to toast them. As soon as the popping sound is heard, they spring up and are ready to be draped on plates. And if the dear guests prefer tea instead of coffee, the kettle is ready. Of course it can be filled with water and turned on without getting hot. While the little ones do everything they copy from the big ones, they playfully train their motor skills and imagination.

Bosch Breakfast Set
The breakfast set in popular Bosch design consists of a toy toaster with mechanical toasting function, a kettle with water filling option and a battery-operated Tassimo “Happy” coffee maker with water filling option, water flow function, a coffee pad and coffee-making sound.

  • Suitable for children aged 3 and over
  • Batteries required: 2 x R6-AA ‘ not supplied

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