Bosch Tool Box

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This Bosch tool box contains everything your hardworking children could wish for: a hammer so they can hammer the nails into the strips of wood, an easy-to-handle saw, and an adjustable wrench to fit the screws and nuts. And among them, the top favourite when it comes to children’s cordless screwdrivers, the battery-powered Ixolino. It has been designed as a replica of the original, with interchangeable bits, clockwise and anti-clockwise motion, and busy screwdriver sounds when in use. All the tools are child-friendly replicas of Bosch designs, made of robust, high-quality plastic, with rounded-off edges, and are perfectly suited to little hands. The tool box with its practical handle is a great place to store them and means children can take their tools with them to any place where hard-working hands and manual skills are needed.

Bosch Tool Box
The contents of the robust Bosch-design box with a practical handle include the Bosch Ixolino cordless screwdriver with clockwise/anti-clockwise motion, light and sound when you press the switch, and interchangeable bits. The tool box contains a tray insert, a hammer, a saw, an adjustable wrench, two nails and strips of wood, and four screws with nuts.

  • Dimensions: 32 cm x 20.5 cm x 15 cm
  • Suitable for children aged 3 years and up
  • Batteries required: 2 x R03-AAA ‘ not supplied with the product

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