Bosch Work Station, 44 pieces


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The 44-part Bosch-design work station is made of high-quality plastic and is very strong and robust. Its unusually generous range of equipment includes a work surface where children can learn to work with screws and practise turning, hammering, sawing and filing. Theo Klein has provided everything they need to do this: lots of different tools and accessories. It goes without saying that all the items have rounded-off edges and child-friendly shapes and fit little hands perfectly, so they can have lots of fun playing with them. This also fosters your children’s development ‘ using screws and building things trains their fine motor skills and helps them to develop spatial awareness and better technical understanding.

Bosch 44-part Work Station
The Bosch-design workbench has a work surface with learning function, a vice, storage boxes and hooks to hang things up, and comes with lots of tools and components: screwdrivers for slotted and cross-head screws, a spanner, a ratchet, a pair of pliers, a file, a hammer, a saw, a set of scales, a carpenter’s square, a folding ruler and a hand-screw clamp, as well as screws, nuts and various screw elements in a range of shapes and sizes.

– Made in Germany
– Dimensions: 61 cm x 44.5 cm x 101 cm
– Suitable for children aged 3 years and up

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8580 Bosch Work Station, 44 pieces instruction sheet