John Deere Tractor with wood- and haycart


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John Deere Tractor with wood- and haycart
– Tractor and trailer with integrated screwing system
– Individual parts that can be dismantled

Set consisting of:
– Tractor, Trailer with woodcart and haycart topping
– 4x Hay bales, 4x Tree trunks
– Screwdriver

John Deere Tractor consisting of:
– Chassis, 2x front tyres and 2x rear tyres
– Driver’s cab with seat and roof, Bonnet
– Front loader and weight
– Trailer with frame, wood- and haycart topping and 4x tyres

– Scale 1:24
– Tractor in John Deere design
– Suitable for children from 3 years

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From 3 years


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