Michelin Service Station, wood

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This high-quality children’s car workshop made of wood is simple and poignant: the track in front of the garage can be simply folded up, fastened to the Michelin sign and taken up and everywhere. But the track can do much more than that! It is compatible with common wooden tracks and is just waiting to release the cars that are serviced, refuelled and washed behind it in the service station into the great freedom. By the way, maintenance and the car wash are very easy to operate using rotary knobs on the roof. This is not only fun for the little car fans, but also trains their motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

MICHELIN Service Station with 2 cars, wood
The car workshop for children is completely made of wood and is equipped with a lifting platform and car wash, which are operated via rotary knobs. The service station in Michelin car service design also includes two fuel pumps, a movable barrier, two cars and the popular Michelin Man. The robust toy can be folded up to take away and is compatible with standard wooden tracks.


  • The mobile car workshop for folding, taking along and combining with common tracks
  • The high-quality service station is equipped with fuel pumps and a car wash, which are easy to operate via rotary knobs
  • Workshop and equipment are built entirely of wood from sustainable, certified cultivation
  • Refuelling cars, driving through the car wash and linking the workshop with the tracks trains creativity, motor skills and spatial thinking
  • Dimensions: 36 cm x 21 cm x 20.5 cm
  • Suitable for children from 3 years of age

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