Everything began in this little village, located in the middle of the Palatine Forest, as a brush and broom factory in 1949.  Nowadays, the headquarters and the administration are located there. In addition, the broom production is still active in the factory (“Am Sportplatz”) in Ramberg.
There are about 100 employees working in Ramberg currently.


The headquarters of Theo Klein GmbH are based in the administrative buildings in Burgstraße, next to the original parental home of the Klein family. There, all company related decisions are taken: finances are controlled, new and innovative products are developed and quality and safety issues are discussed. The departments for import and distribution are also controlled and organised from this place.


The children’s broom, a core product that looks back on a long history and tradition within the company Theo Klein GmbH, is still manufactured in Germany, in the heart of Ramberg.
More than one million children’s brooms are produced and prepared for dispatch in the 6,500m² main building annually.
200,000 units are transported on two conveyors belts and packed.
Moreover, all small items that are produced in Germany, e.g. doctor cases and tool cases, are assembled and packed at this main site.

Landau / central warehouse shipping

Rodenweg 3 | 76829 Landau | Germany

This site was built on approx. 13,000 m² of land in the mid-90s and complements the current location in Ramberg.
More than 60 employees are working in production, design, toolmaking, injection moulding, as well as in the warehouse and distribution.


Injection Moulding Facility

The production hall, with the machine- and robot allocation covers approximately 1,500 m².
With 22 injection moulding machines, fully automated production lines with robots and an extrusion line, the entire product range of semi-finished parts of Theo Klein GmbH is made of plastic.


Construction Department

In cooperation with external construction engineers, the new toys are designed based on our own design plans and in line with safety, quality and costing.
In addition the construction department is also responsible for obtaining the injection moulds for our German production.


Tool Manufacturing Department

The toolmaking department is responsible for all changes and adjustments as well as maintenance and repair of our injection moulds.
Likewise, this department manufactures thermoforming moulds, devices and other tools for production. Various machine tools, partly CNC controlled, and CAM software are used.



This warehouse covers an area of 5,000m² and consists of more than 6,000 shelf spaces as well as an outside depot.
More than 14,500 orders are processed from here annually. Between 6,000 and 8,000 cartons are dispatched worldwide every day during peak season.
We deliver our ‘Klein’ toys all over Europe, North and South America, Asia, Lebanon, Israel, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan and even the South Seas from here.

Rodenweg 4 + 4a | 76829 Landau | Germany


High Rack Warehouse – Rodenweg 4

In Rodenweg 4, another location in Landau, you can find another part of the warehouse and an additional production sector.
Moreover, the Far East Sales Department has its office premises there.
The warehouse hall is 17 meters high, has approximately 4,180 m² and 7,000 storage slots. In 2017, about 90 bulk orders were manufactured at this production site. This amounts to 116,000 units just for large components (kitchens & workbenches).


New Building 2018 – Rodenweg 4a

In August 2018 a new building project started in Landau.
A new warehouse with approximately 4,800 m², including a production and pick & pack section should be completed by mid-2019. This new building will be connected with the existing buildings in Rodenweg 3 and 4 via its own access road.


Jouets Klein Sarl.

11, rue l’industrie, Z.I. Sud
F-67162 Wissembourg Cedex
Fon: +33 3 88 54 29 25
Fax: +33 3 88 54 35 14
E-Mail: jouetsklein@wanadoo.fr

The French affiliate “Jouets Klein Sarl” was founded in 1973 and is based in Wissembourg, Alsace. Nowadays the entire site in Wissembourg comprises 4,700 m² and has nine employees working there.

Main Warehouse & Office Premises

The main warehouse and the office premises were built in 1986 on an area of approximately 1,500 m².
All items that are dispatched to France are stored there. Moreover, the French sales team, supervised by our French Director, are based there and taking care of the sales in France.



1992-1993 an annexe of 400 m² was built. In order to redistribute the work volume more economically within the different locations, assembly of basic products, such as bathtubs and doctor cases were partly moved from Ramberg to Wissembourg.


New Building Wissembourg

Jouets Klein has grown significantly within the last decades and the complete order processing for France (including the distribution) is handled from Wissembourg. Therefore, the lack of space was noticeable, especially during peak season from September to December. That is why in 2017 the decision was taken to build an additional new warehouse. Almost the entire available space on the property was used to construct the new building with an area of approximately 2,800 m². In addition, a loading ramp and a direct access for lorries were installed.


Hong Kong

Theo Klein (H.K.) Ltd.

HK office:
10/F, COFCO Tower, 262 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel.: 852-2523-2171| Fax: 852-2810-4494

HK Showroom: Unit 505, 5/Fl., Mirror Tower|61 Mody Rd., Hong Kong
Tel.: 852-2723-3115| Fax.: 852-2723-9355

Since 1997 our affiliated company Theo Klein (H.K.) Ltd. supplies customers worldwide. Our 140m² showroom is based in the district of Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong. There we welcome our customers from all over the world and present our range. The company in Hong Kong is led by a Manager who supervises the business operations in the Far East and liaises with the parent company in Germany.

England (GB)

Theo Klein Ltd.

162 Clewer Hill Road
GB-Windsor, Berkshire SL4 4DB
Fon: +44 1753 / 85 96 89
Fax: +44 1753 / 83 33 52


Theo Klein SL.

Valderrodrigo 38, 5, IZQ
E-28035 Madrid
Tfno.Fax: +34 91 / 31 67 412


Theo Klein (U.S.), Inc.

100 Church Street, Millersburg, PA 17061, USA

151 Church Street, Millersburg, PA 17061, USA
Phone: +1 717 692 8755
e-Mail: klein@rmlsite.com