Baby Coralie – Bathing Doll

SKU: 1637
  • The pretty baby doll is 35 cm tall
  • She has a pink bathrobe that keeps her warm after the bath
  • She is accompanied by her bright yellow, funny little bath duck
  • When children look after their dolls, take them with them wherever they go, cherish and care for them, they develop their empathy, imagination, and motor skills
  • Height: 35 cm | Suitable for children aged ten months and over

The little mermaid from the Baby Coralie series is a pretty baby doll that doll mums and dads will quickly take to their hearts. She is 35 cm tall, has sparkling blue eyes and loves to be bathed. For this, she has an extra cosy little bathrobe with cute little ears that keeps her cosily warm after her bath. The little mermaid loves to bathe together with her bright yellow rubber duck – without which Theo Klein never sends her on a journey into the children’s rooms of this world. She feels especially at home there when children love her and hold her close, discovering the world of caring with her and training their empathy and motor skills along the way.

Baby Coralie Mermaid
The pretty bath doll is around 35 centimetres tall and wears a fashionable bathrobe. Included is a fun bath duck.

– Height: 35 cm
– Suitable for children from ten months