Cat® – Worker Jacket with accessories

SKU: 3224
  • The construction worker set in CAT design turns young craftsmen into little professionals
  • Simply put on the sturdy construction worker vest - suitable for children from approx. 3-6 years - and off you go
  • Helmet, goggles and earmuffs fit large and small heads
  • Children love role-playing games and this set helps them to immerse themselves in them, training their imagination and creativity
  • Dimensions: 43 cm x 38 cm x 14 cm I Suitable for children over three years old

The construction worker set in CAT® design turns little do-it-yourselfers into real professionals. With the high-quality protective vest that fits children from about three to six years of age, the sturdy work gloves, earmuffs, goggles and helmet, the up-and-coming craftsmen look as if they are well equipped for any job. And that’s exactly what they should do – feel well equipped for fun role play in which they can pretend to perform weighty tasks and hard work. The utensils are ideal for this. As toys, of course, they don’t provide any protective function, but they do provide a lot of fun, in creative and imaginative play.

CAT® Construction worker set with accessories
The toy set includes a high-quality construction worker’s vest in one size, which, with a length of about 46 cm, fits children from about 3-6 years. It includes a helmet, gloves, goggles and earmuffs.
Warning: The protective clothing is designed as a toy for lots of fun and play, but as such has no protective function.

– Dimensions: 43 cm x 38 cm x 14 cm
– Suitable for children aged three and over.