Theo Klein – Magnetic Animal Puzzle, 8 animals

SKU: 0066
  • With this animal puzzle you can build funny animals like cows with giraffe necks, elephants with hooves, and real animals as well
  • With the help of magnets, these puzzle pieces can easily be assembled into two giraffes, cows, elephants or horses
  • The puzzle pieces are ideally suited for the hands of small children and are easy to grasp
  • Putting these puzzle animals together develops knowledge, creativity, imagination and motor skills
  • Suitable for children one year old and up

Have you ever seen a giraffe-cow-horse? Or an elephant that stands on its hooves? It’s all possible with this fun magnet puzzle! Even the smallest children will love having fun with this. They can easily put the different puzzle pieces together to make animals because the pieces can all be easily connected with the help of magnets. Of course, they can also build two complete giraffes, cows, horses or elephants. No matter how their animal fun turns out, they will definitely learn something from it: It teaches creativity, imagination and motor skills. And – if they put it all together “right” — they will even learn something about zoology.

Funny Puzzle Magnetic Animals
The set consists of eight animals: two giraffes, two elephants, two horses and two cows. The body parts can be connected with the help of magnets and in many fun combinations.

– Suitable for children one year old and up