Theo Klein – Firefighter Costume

SKU: 8985
  • With this high-quality one-size-fits-all costume, little heroes are well equipped to feel like real firefighters - from helmets to badges, they have everything they need
  • With the helmet, which adapts to large and small heads, the megaphone and crowbar, girls and boys look like firefighters
  • The fire extinguisher is particularly popular - with its 05-litre capacity and spray function, it cools hot minds as well as the fires blazing in their imaginations
  • Many kids love role playing games and emulating their heroes and role models - this trains their fantasy as well as their communication skills and empathy
  • Dimensions: Length approx 53 cm I Suitable for children aged 3 and over I Fits children between 3 and 6 years of age

Da-daa da-daa – here comes the fire brigade! And fully equipped for every assignment! As well as the high-quality costume there is a fire extinguisher that is ready to spray half a litre of water from its tank. It’s great fun! Especially when you look like a real firefighter. With the accessories in the “Fire Fighter Henry” design – including a megaphone, a crowbar, a badge and a sturdy helmet – children feel well equipped for heroic missions. This is not only fun at Carnival! The fire brigade set perfectly suits imaginative games in which children save lives, when they can feel brave and strong and can be real heroes at any time.

Fire Fighter Henry Fire Fighter Costume
The high-quality one size costume fits children from about three to six years. It includes extensive accessories: a fire extinguisher with a 0.5-litre tank and spray function, a megaphone, a crowbar, a helmet and a badge.

– Dimensions: Length approximately 53 cm
– Suitable for children aged 3 and over
– Fits children between the ages of three and six