Manetico Case, small

SKU: 0630
  • This box of magnetic building blocks is the optimal start for little builders and can be expanded at any time
  • The starter box contains 16 different, colorful magnetic building blocks
  • Thanks to the integrated magnets, connecting the building blocks to form stable structures is child's play
  • This high-quality magnet toy promotes hand-eye coordination, trains motor skills and creativity
  • Made in Germany I Case dimensions: 20 cm x 6 cm x 17 cm I Suitable for children ages 1 and up

It will knock your blocks off ‘ with the 16 differently formed building blocks, it’s child’s play, and that’s just the beginning. Because with the help of magnets, the building blocks from the starter box quickly become steady towers, castles, houses or imaginative builds. The overwhelming joy of building always prevails, since every construction leads to success: The small black magnetic dots connect every shape, no matter how daring, into a stable figure and make you want to do more. Fortunately, and to the delight of little builders, the starter box can be expanded at any time with other Mantico sets from Theo Klein.

Manetico Starter Box, small
The box contains 16 colorful magnetic building blocks for building different figures, forms, etc. The blocks connect with the help of magnets.

– Made in Germany
– Case dimensions: 20 cm x 6 cm x 17 cm
– Suitable for children one year old and up