Classic Broom

SKU: 6320
  • The children's broom is a really fast sweeper - durable, robust and high quality
  • Its length of 615 cm is ideal for little household helpers
  • The toy for the children's household is ideal for games of pretend, and is coordinated with the accessories of other cleaning sets from Theo Klein
  • During playful house cleaning, children get to know adult tasks, train their motor skills and also their imagination
  • Made in Germany I Dimensions: 18 cm x 55 cm x 615 cm I Suitable for children aged 3 and over

Fast sweep! With this chic children’s broom in black and white, crumbs and fluff are swept together in no time. And not just quickly and thoroughly, but with pleasure. Because the handle of the cleaning utensil is optimally adapted to children’s games and children’s hands, the bristles are soft, high-quality and durable.

The cool broom has a long tradition: Klein was known as a manufacturer of brushes and brooms when they brought the first coloured children’s brushes with plastic bristles onto the market in the 1950s. This launched the successful move into the world of toys, where its brush sets are a hit all over the world.

Pure Fresh Classic broom
The black and white broom made of high-quality plastic is 61.5 centimeters long.

– Made in Germany
– Dimensions: 18 cm x 5.5 cm x 61.5 cm
– Suitable for children aged 3 and over