Sweeping Set, 3 pieces

SKU: 6025
  • With this set, the cleaning crew is solidly equipped to help mom and dad with cleaning
  • The 55 cm-long children's broom also includes a hand bush and a dustpan
  • The children's cleaning set is made of high-quality plastic in a fun Pure Fresh design
  • During playful house cleaning, children get to know adult tasks, train their motor skills and also their imagination
  • Made in Germany | Suitable for children aged 3 and over

What is often a chore for adults is a lot of fun for many children: cleaning the house. This can be done particularly well with the multi-part children’s brush set by Theo Klein.

Theo Klein brought the first coloured children’s brushes with plastic bristles onto the market in 1956 and has been developing brooms, hand brushes, dustpans and much more for children for more than 70 years. Everything is produced in a particularly high quality, made of high-quality plastic, absolutely child-friendly, safe and Made in Germany. The toys are optimally adapted to children’s games and children’s hands. They not only help to train motor skills, but also help the children to empathize with the role and tasks of adults, which promotes their understanding of their environment and their own development.

Pure Fresh brush set, 3-part
The children’s brush set consists of a 55 cm-long broom, a hand brush and a dustpan.

– Made in Germany
– Suitable for children aged 3 and over