Theo Klein – Ice Cream Sand Set, 7 pcs.

SKU: 2371
  • With this set, children can make ice-cream out of sand and water to their heart's content
  • Five colourful cones are simply waiting to be filled with sand with the help of the ice-cream pusher or scoop
  • All delightful sand moulds are made from high-quality and long-life plastic
  • In making the ice-cream with these colourful ice-cream moulds, children are training their motor skills and creativity
  • Made in Germany I Suitable for children from 18 months

The colourful sand set for everyone who loves ice-cream and summer! With the ice-cream wafers, the ice-cream pusher and the ice-cream scoop, the little ones can make imaginative creations out of sand and water. The best way to do this is to first mix sand and water into a solid slush. Then the young ice-cream fans only have to form balls with the handy ice-cream spoon and press them onto the colourful wafers. Of course, they can also decorate them with small stones, leaves or twigs. Just the way the kids like it. Because however the young ice-cream artists want to arrange and serve their delicacies, they’re sure to have a whole lot of fun!

Beach Picnic – Ice-cream Sand Set

The Ice-cream Sand Set contains five colourful ice-cream cones, an ice-cream pusher and an ice-cream scoop.

– Made in Germany
– Suitable for children from 18 months