WMF – Pot and Pan Set, 3 pieces

SKU: 9435
  • The basic set for gourmets and friends of high-quality kitchen appliances contains everything they need to prepare goodies in their play kitchen
  • With the robust pan, the two saucepans, one of which has a lid, you can playfully fry and cook soup on the play kitchen stove
  • The play kitchen set in the stylish WMF design is made of durable plastic
  • Stirring in pots, frying imaginary fried eggs and fried potatoes in the pan and turning them is not only fun, it also trains motor skills and creativity
  • With its size, high-quality and robust workmanship, the kitchen toy is ideal for children aged 3 and over

Even small professional chefs appreciate quality – and this is guaranteed with these kitchen appliances. Theo Klein built it in the stylish WMF design from high-quality and durable plastic. Small and large gourmets are free to decide whether they want to cook a soup, braise a hearty stew under a nice lid or fry something tasty in the pan. Just put everything on the play kitchen stove and have fun. And while they enthusiastically emulate mom and dad’s cooking skills, they train their motor skills, creativity and imagination on the side.

WMF 3-piece pot set
This set in the chic WMF design is a must for all play kitchen fans. It consists of a high-quality pot, a sturdy pan and a sturdy pot with a lid.

– Suitable for children aged 3 and over