Easter Highlights

Gardening with Bosch and Theo Klein

No matter whether it is mowing the lawn, trimming the hedge or preparing the flower beds, gardening is such great fun with the Bosch garden tools.

An easy working on the lawn with the trimmer or the Rotak lawn mower. Obviously it is without any sharp cutting blades, but with an impressive rattling noise.

Using rakes, brooms and shovels to collect the dirt and then carrying away with the Bosch wheelbarrow. It doesn’t matter whether the little gardeners want to be active in the garden or on the balcony, because the Bosch garden tools are available with long and short handles.  



This way, the little ones can have a lot of fun but at the same time their motor skills and their understanding for the nature is trained. Of course, all garden tools are robust, resilient and perfectly designed for small children’s hands.




STOP! SLOW! GO! – Learning about the traffic with Theo Klein

Some traffic awareness is the first step towards children’s safety in road traffic. No matter if it is about the colours of the traffic lights, the meaning of signs or how to behave at level crossings, children need to learn how to react in different situations on the road.



The traffic signs can already be used to practise at home, in the yard, in a side street or in the school playground. The small traffic light is battery-operated and runs like a big one. The automatic colour change can also be controlled manually. This will help to train the patience of children.
The level crossing is even equipped with a motion sensor and goes down as soon as you approach the barrier.

Unbelievable, but the little traffic signs look like the big ones. Due to the black base plate, which is similar to real movable road signs, they even have a strong, stable stand.




Just a little spring-cleaning

Spring is already just around the corner and so the annual major cleaning is due. With Vileda Junior, even the little ones can help and so the work is much more fun.  

Whether sweeping, wiping or vacuuming, there can always be something for everyone. Theo Klein and Vileda Junior make the big tools available for small hands. For the most diligent ones, there is even a fully equipped cleaning trolley which is even available together with a Vileda vacuum cleaner.

This way, spring cleaning will be fun, for young and old. However the little ones will also learn to imitate and to empathise with the roles and tasks of the adults.  





Bright colours in springtime

The bright colours of the “Klein goes Bio“ line perfectly match with the first sunbeams in spring.

Put your favourite toys into the handcart and off you go visiting your friends or to the playground. Or how about some gardening? Mowing the lawn and preparing the flower beds? No problem!

But why is this product line called “Klein goes Bio”? That’s easy, it is because the toys are made of




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