Klein goes America – Theo Klein (U.S.), Inc.

During the New York Toy Fair in February 2019, our sales team realised that the demand for our articles, especially for some licenced items, increased significantly.
Not only wholesalers and big stores showed their interest but also individual specialty toy retailers, for those it is not possible ordering huge quantities or from overseas. Therefore, we came up with the idea in making it possible to supply those shops domestically from the US.

After several discussions, calculations and various brainstorming, it was decided to establish a new business in the US and the idea of Theo Klein (U.S.). Inc. was born.
Eventually the affiliated company based in Millersburg, Pennsylvania was officially founded in September 2019.

Approximately 60 different items are stored in the US warehouse. The range compromises licenced items of Braun, Bosch, Bosch Service, Caterpillar, Ford, John Deere, Miele, O-Cedar, Victorinox, Weber and WMF, but also the most popular items of our own brands like doctor cases, firefighter and police equipment, cash registers and different shops (coffee, burger, pizza),

Deliveries from the warehouse were first made in January 2020.

Almost one year from the date when the idea of Klein in America was born, the sales team for America returned to the New York Toy Fair in February 2020 and could proudly represent the newly founded company Theo Klein (U.S.), Inc. with a new stand and a new catalogue, exclusively for domestic deliveries from the US.