Tips against boredom in times of the Corona virus

Hello my dear mouse friends,

You are probably surprised to read about me today, but an exceptional situation calls for exceptional measures. I really hope you and your family are all doing well and that you could at least enjoy the good weather within the last days.

Depending on the country you live in, you might be in quarantine or you are advised to go outside as little as necessary or even a curfew has been imposed.
 ‘’Yawn“, I’m getting tired while just thinking about this situation.  

However, I have prepared many creative ideas, recipes and games for you to fight against the boredom. Obviously, you can check out again our “Idea of the month” of the previous months.

Reading, doing handicraft or playing games: There are many things we can do at home. One of my favourite activities is definitely building caves with many blankets and pillows, but I also like e.g. baking delicious cakes and of course, eating the sweet cake afterwards. “Hmmm…Yummy!”

I am a first-year pupil and I also love learning. Despite of all the free time we are currently having, please do not forget to look into your textbooks and do your exercises diligently. 

In order to look forward to the next day, you can create a planning for your upcoming projects and activities. For example, I have done a plan for my spring-cleaning and will start tidying up my room on Monday and help mommy cleaning the cupboards in the kitchen on Tuesday. By the way, you can find many practical cleaning tips in my latest post: “Klein” ideas for Young and Old.

You can also have a great day by using one of our toys: How about preparing a 5-course-meal in one of our kitchens, organising a car race in one of our parking garages or creating new things at our workbench – we can make (almost) everything possible.

We look forward to receiving some more tips from you and of course, you are welcome to send us pictures of your current activities.

Take care of yourself!

No matter what you are doing, don’t forget to wash your hands as often as possible!

Your Mummelmouse