Gift Wrapping Paper

Hello my dear friends,

Are you already excited about Christmas? Oh, I really love presents, biscuits and the smell of a delicious roast!

By the way, do you have any idea about presents for your family? Or do you have your own long wish list ready? I have already made a lot of great little gifts for Christmas but I am still looking for the right packaging.

How about designing your own gift wrapping paper? Therefore, you only need the following materials:

  • Potatoes
  • Biscuit cutters
  • Kitchen knife
  • Packing paper
  • Brush
  • Acrylic or water colours


We start with making your own potato stamp. Therefore, you have to cut the potato into two halves and then use the biscuit cutter to prick the design in.

Be careful, now you will need some help from your parents, because you have to take the kitchen knife and cut carefully alongside the edge of the biscuit cutter, so that the raised part of your design remains in the middle. Just like a real stamp.

In case your potatoes are very juicy, you can pat them dry with a kitchen paper.

Once all this is done, it is now getting colourful!

Prepare your wrapping paper and then you can start colouring the cut out shape on your potato with a colour of your choice.

Then press the stamp on the paper. So you can make as many prints as you like and of course you can also make several stamps with different designs.

Yay, what a beautiful gift wrapping paper. My mouse family will be so happy. Hopefully I also get such wonderful presents.

My dear mouse-friends, this was the last idea of the month for the time being. Next year I will travel through the world of Klein and will find some new tips and tricks for you. I can’t wait to tell you about it in future.

You can certainly contact me because I am always happy to hear about your suggestions and ideas.

Have a good time and enjoy Christmas with your loved ones.

See you soon,

Your Mummelmouse