Autumn is coming, handicraft ideas from Mummelmouse

Hello my dear friends, it’s me again, your Mummelmouse.

It is autumnal and the days are getting shorter and darker. Therefore I have two handicraft ideas for you that suit this time of the year and can be easily done at home without big effort.

My first idea can be perfectly combined with a walk through the forest or the park. “Yeah, it is finally time again for my wellington boots!” I love the nature as almost all the other mice do.
During your excursion, you may collect everything you can find. No matter whether there are chestnuts, fir cones or acorns, just take whatever you can find, even moss and leaves.

With the materials, you can now create individual chestnut men or chestnut animals. Therefore, you just take the chestnut, obviously without its prickly shell, and add with the help of toothpicks some air cones or nuts as arms and legs.

You can fix the toothpick with some liquid adhesive and add a head, hands and feet, just the way you want. You can also paint some funny faces with a felt-tip pen and so you have little chestnut men that you can play with.

“I have already created some on my own!”

My second idea is a perfect one for Halloween.
At this time of the year, you can find different pumpkins. No matter where you get them from, either from the supermarket or the farmer next door, just look for your own great pumpkin. Cut the top part a bit diagonally off. Then you need a big spoon to get everything from the pumpkin out- this is a real sweaty work, in my opinion.

Afterwards you take a pencil or even a small felt-tip pen and design your pumpkin face. This can be funny or scary or whatever you would like it to be. There are no limits.

In the next step you will have to cut out the pumpkin face. As you need a big and sharp knife to do it, it is better to ask your parents for some help. You will be the big boss and tell them exactly what to do, so they have to follow your instructions.

Now you just put a small candle inside your pumpkin, put on the top part again and your designed pumpkin grins perfectly.

If you use e.g. a Hokkaido pumpkin, you have the advantage that you can use the fruit pulp to make a delicious soup. Even the pumpkin seeds can be used, if you just roast them gently and add them before serving the soup—“Yummy! “

If the work with scissors and glue is really nothing for you, I have a good alternative for you. With the Bosch Mini Construction Set, you can create three different models. There are no limits on creativity and of course, you can also develop your own new vehicles. The set also includes a torque wrench and a screwdriver.
In addition, our all-rounder Bosch Mini Ixolino is a perfect completion to the Construction Set.

However, I will now enjoy another portion of my hot pumpkin soup and say goodbye until next month.

Your Mummelmouse