What to do in case of fire?

Hello my lovely friends,

Oh, I can hear the sirens. Who is it? The ambulance? The police or maybe the fire brigade? I hope that nothing bad has happened!

However, this brings me to my today’s tips for you, as I would like to talk to you about a very important topic. Your parents usually know what to do in case of fire, but how about you? Do you already know the fire brigade’s speed dial? 

In case of fire, we often panic, we are afraid or we even hide somewhere in the room and thus we expose ourselves to additional danger.

I think I have some helpful tips, so that you are well prepared in case of an emergency.

First experiences with fire

You all know that fire is not only hot but can be really dangerous. I think it is also important to know how to handle matches and a lighter, as it is something we might use in our everyday life. I would recommend practicing with your parents how to light a candle and put it out again. All you need is a baking tray or any other fireproof mat, a candle, matches and a glass of water, only for emergencies.

Having done several times and watching the flames, you will see that with a little practice, you will quickly be able to handle a fire more responsibly and you will also be able to assess the danger more easily.

Be careful! Never use the lighter or matches without your parents!

Learn the fire brigade’s speed dial

Even as a child, we should know how to make a correct emergency call. But how do we remember the emergency number 112 best? There is also a simple way to learn it:
One thumb up is the first number 1,
the other thumb up is the second number 1
and both thumbs together are number 2.

It’s not that difficult to remember, isn’t it?

Now you just have to practice how to dial the number with the phone.

I really feel more comfortable and so much better prepared in case of a real emergency. How about you?

Last but not least, there is one more important thing to learn.

Learning what do to in case of fire

You have already learnt a lot today.  However, you should always keep in mind that it can happen easily that a small fire or a little spark turns into a huge fire. What do you have to do then and what is going to happen if you have dialled 112?

Therefore, we could play a quick game called: “Fire brigade in action.”

By the way, at the end of the text you can see some suitable products from Firefighter Henry’s range. For some more fun, you could use them for the game or you maybe want to pretend to be a real firefighter. 🙂

For the game, you better take a piece of paper and write down the five essential aspects that have to be considered when making an emergency call:

– Who is calling?
– What happened?
– Where is the emergency?
– How many people are involved?
– Wait, if there are further questions.

Now let’s start. Ask each other the question “What would you do if there is a fire in your room?”

Come on, let’s go! Who is it the quickest and gets everyone out of the room, locks the door and gets everyone to safety?

“FIRE! FIRE!” I shout out loud. Such an emergency is very exhausting and you are very tense.

As soon as I am safe, I would have to dial the fire brigade’s speed dial and give them the required answers to their questions. Shortly afterwards you can already hear the sirens.

Go through the questions and practice the different possibilities to answer, because the fire brigade needs every clear information so that they can help you as fast as possible.

“Pheeew”, I am really relieved that everything went well.
Fire is still a very dangerous situation and I should always be careful, but now I know better how to react. I also feel more confident knowing how to save my mouse family and friends in case of an emergency. 🙂

You still need the right equipment to practice the emergency or you just want to look like a real firefighter? We are giving away a firefighter set with all the important accessories such as helmet, gloves and fire extinguisher (with a real water spraying function).

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In case of emergency, who will extinguish the fire?

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Good luck and see you next time.

Your Mummelmouse