Warehouse Renovation in Wissembourg

At Jouets Klein SARL in Wissembourg, the French subsidiary of Theo Klein GmbH, the warehouse was converted and equipped with a new narrow-aisle storage system. The movements in the aisles are guided inductively.

A characteristic feature of this storage system is that less space is needed for the different aisles. Therefore three levels were built on an area of 3,000 m² and consequently the capacity increased from 1,500 to approximately 2,500 pallet spaces.

Moreover, a new high-rack stacker, which allows an easy access to all articles on every level, was acquired.

In addition to the forklift driver, two more people are currently working in the warehouse and ensure that all good are prepared properly for dispatch day by day.

Daniel Pfister, our long-standing employee has been responsible for the management and coordination of the new warehouse.