What we can learn about sustainability from Corona

Hello, my great mouse fans,

Today I would like to talk to you about a more serious topic. The Corona crisis made me think about several things and I am wondering what my life will be after Corona.

Maybe you were also soooo excited about your next trip or you just want to enjoy the wonderful weather with your friends in the park? If we all stick together, we will manage this time and maybe we can already plan our first trips soon.

Many small, local shops had to close due to the Corona crisis and farmers are still facing problems. So, how about visiting the weekly farmers’ market? With mask, of course. 🙂

There you can discover many fresh goodies and above all, they are healthy too!

When I am in town, I also go to the little corner shop and buy a voucher. This means I do not have to stay in the shop for long but it still helps the store somehow – and as soon as you can go back to normal shopping, I will go on an extensive shopping tour!

Unfortunately, the masks and plastic gloves cause a lot of waste. However as these things are currently very important, I try to reduce waste generally by only using cloth bags instead of plastic bags. Fabric bags are an environmental friendly replacement and extremely durable.

Now it is up to you and you can ask your parents to buy you blank fabric bags and textile or fabric paint. With the colours, you can paint and decorate your bags as you like.

Panic buying or hoarding – you might have heard about it, haven’t you?

The point is that many people bought a lot of food and toilet paper during the crisis and have a large stock at home – just like real hamsters. (That is why we call this hoarding “Hamster shopping” in Germany 🙂 )

It sometimes happens that you prepare or cook too much food and then you have to throw the leftovers away when they spoil. Therefore, you should only buy what you really need and try not to throw away too much food.

A menu for the whole week can be helpful. In this menu, you write down what you want to eat on which day. Then you prepare your shopping list according to your menu and only buy the ingredients you really need.

The best for last: Klein produces toys from 100% bioplastic under the name „Klein goes Bio“. Bioplastic is obtained from natural materials such as corn, soybeans or sugarcane. The bio line from Theo Klein is made of sugarcane and 100% recyclable and they have such beautiful colours. This makes summer even more colourful. 🙂

Here you can see and discover the popular items:  7601, 7603, 7619, 7625

Do you also have something in mind that you would like to change? Send me your ideas and your suggestions. I can’t wait to read them.

Stay all healthy!

Your Mummelmouse