Performances and Role Plays

Hello my lovely friends,

Do you also love re-enacting every-day situations or a big stage show?
I always like to play the leading role in each performance. You can be, whatever you want to be. No matter if it a prince, a king, a superhero or an animal. Everything is possible.

I also love to imagine what my future job could be and what I’m doing in this job. So I think about daily life situations and how to practise my profession.

Let your imagination run free. And of course, the suitable working clothes and accessories should not be missing.

Do you want to know my idea? Currently a lot of doctors are needed but also nurses are among my role models and I really admire them doing their job.

What does it feel like, being a doctor? Think about opening you own medical practice at home and taking care of all your patients. You are perfectly equipped with the Theo Klein doctor’s costume and one of the doctor cases, so that you can “treat” your sick cuddly toys. 🙂

As first patient there is Mr. Lion with his son whose vaccination card has to be checked.
“Oh, there is one vaccination missing!” Prepare the syringe quickly and “piiieeks”, it’s done. Apply the plaster carefully and don’t forget the lollipop for the brave little lion-son.

“Next one, please.” Mrs. Giraffe is coughing heavily. You can listen to her lungs with the stethoscope and don’t forget to measure her temperature. What is your diagnosis? I guess it is a bad cold. Therefore she is a getting a prescription for cough syrup.

“Emergency!” Mr. Bear is taken to the treatment room. Unfortunately he fell while collecting berries and now he has got an aching knee. You can use the reflex hammer to check if the reflexes are still working properly. Mr. Bear is lucky as it seems to be only a gaze. So I just apply a plaster on the wound and recommend taking care of himself.

I am very proud that I could help so many patients.  

​Even your mum, dad or siblings can be your patients and ask for your medical advice.

However, if you prefer theatre performances, you might think about you own little fairytale and play it on your own stage.

You are welcome to tell me your wonderful stories in a comment.

See you next time,

Your Mummelmouse