Obstacle Course

Hello my dear friends,

Do you also miss the movement and do you also want to go outside and romp around again? So do I!
I really miss the time with my friends and being on the playground and above all, in the evening I am not even tired enough to fall asleep quickly. 🙁

Therefore I came up with a great idea:
We are going to build up our own exciting obstacle course…and all you need is some space in the apartment or the house. A long corridor, for example would be perfect. If you have a garden, you can certainly also move the course outside.

Now just go through all the rooms and look for the perfect obstacles. Let’s see, what is suitable. How about the laundry basket, a big plan, a chair and some old boxes? Arrange all these things so that you can run slalom, climb underneath or jump over them.

​To make it a bit more difficult, you can set different tasks:

  • Complete the course hopping on one leg

  • Master the course kneeling on hands and feet

  • Or use a sack and try sack racing through the course

If you are two, or even more siblings – of course mum and dad can also take part – then you can have a competition. Everyone has to complete the course and the time is measured for each.

“Ready, steady, gooo!”

Who was the fastest in your family? I have to admit, my brother was a bit faster than me, but I won’t give up: Rematch! I will win this time.

What a mess, but this was such much and I am really exhausted! Now I need a break and something to drink.

I really hope we can soon meet our friends again on the playground. In the meantime I will support you with some more tips and some of my ideas against the boredom.

Your Mummelmouse