At the end of 2020, three of our items were recommended by „Fundamentally Children“ and received the Good Toy Guide seal.

Bosch Workbench No.1 (#8485)

The Bosch Workbench No. 1 includes everything that makes little craftsmen’s and craftswomen’s heart beat faster. In addition to the usual tools such as hammer, pliers and saw, there is also the battery-operated Bosch cordless screwdriver and a battery-operated belt sander with sound. A multi-tech construction set, as well as a helmet, earmuffs, work goggles and work gloves complete the overall package of this incredible toy workbench.

Having fun while playing is one of the most important things and this is exactly what the Bosch workbench offers. Therefore, children and experts scored it with full points in the category “fun”.
However, not only fun but also the development of children’s skills is also an important aspect. According to the experts, the workbench offers a great opportunity for imaginative role-play, as the little ones are encouraged to think of different things that they can build up and repair in their own workshop. This also supports the ability to think logically.

While playing, the hand-eye coordination will be improved and the language development will also be stimulated, because technical vocabulary from the fields of construction and mechanics is used unconsciously while working.

Miele Kitchen ‘‘Compact“ (9044)

Die Spielzeugküche im Miele Design hat 13 von 15 möglichen Punkten erreicht.

Die Ausstattung mit Backofen, Getränkespender, Dunstabzugshaube und Spüle hat die kleinen Tester überzeugt. Zudem ist die Küche von beiden Seiten bespielbar und bietet eine große Auswahl an Zubehör (Pfanne, Topf, Besteck usw.), die zu einem fantasievollen Rollenspiel ermutigen.

The children have the possibility to imitate situations form everyday life such as cooking, serving food or doing dishes, and thus develop an understanding for their surroundings.

In addition, the children’s self-confidence is strengthened and their independence is improved. Certainly, the imaginative role-play stimulates creativity and the ability to tell stories, which in turn leads to a development in communication, according to the experts.

The testers especially liked the compact size of the kitchen that is perfect for the little ones, whereas older children can easily play kneeling or sitting.

John Deere Tractor Engine (3916)

The John Deere engine with battery-operated headlights and a great horn is specially designed for children, in an appropriate toy size.

With the included tools, which are especially made for little hands, many things can be disassembled, repaired and assembled at this engine block. The little mechanics can remove the engine, replace the battery, wheels, brake discs and spark plugs, repair the headlight, cooling and ignition but also jack up the vehicle and check the oil level.

The various playing options do not only encourage the imaginative role-play, but also improve the dexterity and hand-eye coordination. In addition, the children develop a sense of logic to solve problems.

Experts of the Fundamentally Children Organisation observed that the children took over the role of a mechanic and were happy to disassemble the tractor completely with the tools and then reassemble it afterwards. The children enjoyed playing together with others.

The testers especially liked the screwdriver at it clicks when the screws are tight enough and due to its size, it is suitable for little hands. Therefore, screws and screwdriver can be connected easily, which also improves coordination and dexterity.

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