Dyeing Easter eggs with natural colours

Hello my lovely mouse friends!

Easter time is coming and I am especially excited about the search for Easter eggs and the lovely Easter baskets. What are the delicious goodies in your nest?

I always get many chocolate eggs and figures and some colourful boiled eggs. I like the boiled eggs especially because of the great colours.

Today I have a guide that shows you how to dye your Easter eggs with natural colours.

In nature, you can find many different foods that are suitable for dyeing eggs and achieve great effects on the eggshells. Moreover, those products are healthier than the chemical colours you get from the supermarket.

For dyeing, you need:

  • Hard boiled eggs with white shell (here you can ask mum and dad for help)

  • An old cocking pot for each colour

  • A large spoon or a ladle

  • Approximately 250 g of the material for your desired colour

  • Vinegar

What is your favourite colour? I usually prefer it colourful but my favourite colour is yellow.

The following materials can be used for dyeing:

  • Red: beetroot or red onions

  • Yellow: curcuma or brown onion skin

  • Green: spinach or nettles

  • Blue/purple: blueberries or red cabbage leaves

  • Brown: Black tea or coffee

Just choose your preferred colours and let’s start!

In order to prepare a colouring stock, you have to cut the selected ingredients in small pieces and put them in a pot with one litre of boiling water. Let it all simmer for about 30-45 minutes. The longer the stock simmers, the more intensive the colour will be, e.g. the longer you leave the spinach in the stock, the darker your green will be.

Afterwards you have to remove the colouring materials from the stock and add some vinegar.
Now boil the coloured water again and then put the eggs in there for approximately 10-12 minutes to boil them hard.

The longer you leave the eggs in the stock, the stronger your colours are.

Huuiii, my mouse family will be so happy on Easter morning. So many beautiful colours!

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