Shadow Play

Hello my dear friends,

Do you currently enjoy the sun or is it rainy at your place?
Today I have an idea that you can do indoors but even outside in the garden or on the balcony.

You need your hands, some light and pattern backgrounds for this, as today we are doing easy shadow play.

If you are outside, then you need a sunny place, a pattern wall and a white sheet.
However if you are inside, you need a lamp, e.g. a desk light and also a pattern background.

Can we start? Have you already warmed-up your hands?

Animal Shadow Play

Did you know that depending on the way you put your hands, the shadow of them will look like an animal?  Let me show you some that you can try out afterwards.

Look! Which animals do you recognise? Can you match the shadows to the animals?

goat, camel, elephant, rabbit, bear, wolf, duck, butterfly, dog

You can tell funny stories with your shadow animals.
‘‘Baaa, baaa, baaa“, the goat is just coming up to greet the rabbit.
‘‘I bet that I can run faster to the other side of the wall“, says the rabbit.
‘‘Let us start“, bleated the goat and is already on its way.

What is your great story that you come up with?

Shadow Drawing

You can also trace the shadow of your animal shadow play, but then you will need a partner, e.g. your parents or siblings.

Put a white piece of paper on the floor or on the table and turn the lamp towards it. Then your partner is showing one of the learned shadow figures and you will be able to trace this figure with a pencil on the white paper. Do not cheat by putting the hands directly on the paper! 🙂

Now you can colour the animal with either crayons, watercolours or chalk!

I like the butterfly, because when colouring it, I can be particularly creative as their wings have such beautiful designs.

However, you can also paint other shadow figures without any help. Therefore, you take the most wonderful figures (e.g. Princess Coralie and her friends) you can find in your room. Place them on the table or on the floor and make sure they cast a shadow on your paper. Then you can trace the shadow of your figure.  Afterwards you can also colour them. 

That’s it! You have your own great pictures! 🙂

​Maybe you have some more funny ideas about animals or other items that you can show with your hands and fingers.
I cannot wait to see your ideas!

Your Mummelmouse