In the past weeks, four of our items were recommended and awarded by the British organisation called „Fundamentally Children“.

Fundamentally Children is a British organisation that aims to help children develop skills through play. Therefore they provide independent expert advice on a variety of topics including play, toys, child development and other aspects of parenting

Their rating system is unique in the way they review toys as they observe multiple children playing and collect direct feedback for each item In addition, the article is reviewed by an independent expert. This is all to make sure that the ratings are professional and independent and above-all based on real feedback from the target users. 

The articles are evaluated according to a point system in the categories: Fun, Ease of Use and Skills Development (up to 5 points each). From a total score of nine points, the article is “approved” and from 12 points, the article is “recommended”.

The evaluation of the articles is not only important and interesting for the customers, but also for us as a manufacturer. Thus we get direct feedback and know what we can improve if necessary.

The following items are recommended by Fundamentally Children according to above-mention rating system. If you have any questions related to our items, please do not hesitate to contact.

1.) Hairstyling Case with Braun Hairdryer (#5855)

The hairstyling case has a practical carrying handle and is well equipped with things a little make-up artist needs. Apart from a battery-operated hairdryer in the original Braun design, with a cold-air function, you also find a lot of styling accessories, such as a mirror, comb and hairbrush, as well as an elastic hairband, hair clips and hair barrettes. To complete the perfect styling there is also a small pretend perfume bottle and a pretend lipstick included.

According to Fundamentally Children experts, the set was very popular with the children and encouraged them to play imaginative role-plays in which they were also encouraged to have conversations with their peers.

The following evaluations are particularly noteworthy:

– Encourages imaginative play
– Develops understanding of the world
– Improves dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

2.) Doctor Case (#4383)

The Doctor Case is a little, red and above-mall a sturday case that is filly stocked with accessories that a little doctors need: stethoscope, thermometer, reflex hammer, syringe, tweezers, ear speculum, scissors, plaster and first aid tips.

The experts at Fundamentally Children believe that the doctor’s case is a great way to teach children the role of doctors and prepare them for upcoming visits. The different instruments arouse curiosity and stimulate the imagination

The all in all conclusion is that the doctor case:

– Is great for imaginative play
– Develops personal, social and emotional skills
– Builds vocabulary

3.) Bosch Tool Box (#8520)

The tool box is equipped with many tools such as hammer, saw, adjustable spanner, nails, slats, screws and nuts.
Additionally it includes the battery-operated Bosch screwdriver for children. Like its “big brother”, by Bosch this toys comes with a right-hand and left-hand rotation and light. For some extra fun it makes some real screwing sounds. 

According to Fundamentally Children experts, the set is perfect for little handymen who like to “repair” something or simply want to imitate their role models, no matter if mum, dad, grandma, grandpa or Bob the Builder when they repair something.  Working together also strengthens the parent-child bond.

Moreover the experts think that with the tool box:

– Imaginative play is encouraged
– Dexterity and hand eye coordination is developed and
– it is great for improving self confidence

4. ) CAT Sand & Water Play Table (#3237)

The play table stands on four half mini cones, has a size of 64 x 48 x 40 cm and has two removable basins for water and sand. Moreover there is a movable excavator shovel, a dumper in CAT design and a bridge, pipes and plugs.

The experts at Fundamentally Children are convinced that the play table is ideal for outdoor play. Their observations have shown that children love to play and mix with water and sand alternately. This promotes cognitive development and the children learn to deal with cause and effect when mixing or moving materials. The cone- shaped legs were particularly popular.

The following evaluations are particularly noteworthy:

  • Promotes creativity
  • Teaches cause and effect
  • Develops hand-eye coordination